4 hour photography tour

This 4 hour tour is a great way to experience Monument Valley with one of our renowned and praised photo guide, Harry Nez. The photos above are only a few of his photographs in his collections (Copyright Harry Nez Jr.) The focus of the tour is photo taking during the dawn hours of the morning. The beautiful silhouette colors that Mother Earth and Father Sky display is a truly unique feeling and sight. 

We do offer the tour at different durations throughout the day. 

The price will be $30 for every half hour (30 minutes) after 4 hours. 

3 hour starlight or full moon tour

This 3 hour tour is a great way to see Monument Valley at night. The picture above with the stars and Milky Way is a photo Harry Nez took during one of his Starlight Tours. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our Photography or Night Tours please feel free to contact Charlene Johnson at (928) 409-0088.

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