Lower Monument Valley, BackCountry & Mystery Valley

Our combination tour is a great way to see what Monument Valley has to offer. This tour is a 6 hour tour that combines Lower Monument Valley, Back Country and Mystery Valley. A majority of our visitors usually stay two (2) days in Monument Valley because touring all day can be quite exhausting and they would like to have a fresh start the following day.

This tour starts with the Lower Monument Valley and Back Country section of the Tribal Park. Our professional guides will take you to the cinematic movie locations, major scenic overlooks and Back Country arches. 

Later, our guide will take you to Mystery Valley where you will do some hiking just to get to the beautiful monuments that are secluded. Your guide will also take you to the ancient living quarters of the Anasazi people and arches. 

The first half, Lower Monument Valley and Back Country portion is done in the morning because the sun rises from the East and a majority of the monuments face towards the East.

After your Lower MV and Back Country is complete we will allow you to take a break to get lunch at The View Restaurant. The break also allows our guide to get a bite to eat too. 

The second half of the tour in Mystery Valley is done later in the afternoon. It is done later in the day because Mystery Valley is on the West side of Wetherill Mesa and with the sun rising in the East the monuments in Mystery Valley will have a lot of shadows. 


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