Scenic tour 1 

Description: This is a great tour for those in a time crunch. It is the shortest tour we offer, and it covers the 17 mile/25 km route, which covers the Mittens, John Fords Point, Yei Bei Chei, and the North Window or Artist Point. It is true that you could travel this section by your own vehicle. The road however is often very bad, let us beat up our vehicles so you can focus on the beauty and the knowledge that our professional guides offer.

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Scenic tour 2

Description: The 2.5 hour tour is a 28 mile/45 km tour that includes the major scenic stops in the park and also the Back Country Monuments in Monument Valley. The Back Country portion of the tour includes arches and ancient Petroglyphs from the Anasazi people. Visit Sun's Eye Arch, Big Hogan and the Ear of the Wind monuments. These three arches are only accessible with a tour guide.

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3.5 Cultural tour 

Description: This tour is the most popular tour inside Monument Valley. This tour is a 3.5 hour tour in the Lower Monument Valley and Back Country area. The tour focuses on the Navajo culture by visiting a local Hogan demonstration and hearing the stories our guides have to share. Learn the different ways the native plants in Monument Valley are used by the Navajo people. You will get to see almost every scenic overlook in the Monument Valley Tribal Park.

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